Go Ye is active in the community, and we are always finding new ways to improve the value of our services. New programs and corporate updates will be posted here to keep you informed about all new programs and offerings!


#100Jobs Campaign Kicks-Off!

  Hosted by the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, the ribbon cutting for the kick-off of the #100Jobs campaign was complimented by a great audience, including Fort Smith Mayor Sandy Sanders who commemorated the occasion by naming June 22nd “Career Connection Day” in Fort Smith!

#100Jobs Campaign!

It’s time for our annual ‘100 Jobs in 100 Days’ campaign!  This year we have taken the campaign to new heights by partnering with the Southwest Times Record to allow this campaign to reach a larger audience and on a more frequent basis!  We will have a ribbon cutting to officially kick this year’s campaign off… Read more »

‘Tips & Techniques’ Course to Be Posted On Our Site!

In the near future, we plan to make our ‘Tips & Techniques’ course available online.  This course has been well received all throughout western Arkansas, and per request, we are working to make it a readily available resource and a permanent installment by posting it to our website.  This course is targeted to unemployed, underemployed, and… Read more »

Call to Arms

(A huge thank you to all of the great news outlets who are helping me bring this conversation to a much larger crowd than I could myself. This was printed in its entirety by the Southwest Times Record, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and a shorter version was edited to appear as a Letter to the Editor with Talk… Read more »

Economic Development – A One Sided Balancing Act

Last Tuesday evening, my wife and I braved the storm and drove to Bentonville to sit in the audience of a G60 Event.  If you are not familiar with G60, imagine a more localized, lower stakes version of ‘Shark Tank’.  G60 is an event organized with the purpose of bringing entrepreneurs together and provide them… Read more »

How to Find a Job: Tips and Techniques from the Experts

Are you unemployed or underemployed? Get expert advice on how to look for a job and create or update your resume at How to Find a Job: Tips and Techniques from the Experts, on Thursday, February 16, at 10:30 AM, at the Fort Smith Public Library. This free program, co-sponsored by the Fort Smith Public… Read more »

The ‘Go Ye’ Difference – Job Seeker Assistance

Go Ye offers job seeker assistance in a variety of forms, we work to provide our candidates and applicants with more than just job placement services because we realize not all of our candidates and applicants may be immediately ready or able to go to work.  If we aren’t able to send you to work, we at least… Read more »

The REAL Cost of Staffing

A (FICTIONAL) REAL-LIFE SCENARIO After our recent poll that we administered in which we asked what we could do to improve our services, I noticed that we received many of the same answers to the question “What would you like to know more about our staffing services?” The biggest response that we received was directed towards… Read more »

Build Trust

Trust is essential when building a healthy and productive work environment. Whether you’re leading an entire department or work hand-in-hand with a just a few coworkers, it’s important to build trusting relationships. Here are several tips to help build trust with both your coworkers and your superiors: Be honest and share information completely. Be straightforward and… Read more »