CSR Services

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our agency strives to find and implement new avenues that will create additional value for all clients.  At Go Ye Employment Services, our corporate social responsibility (or CSR as it is often referred to) is so entwined with our business growth strategy that it is impossible to separate the two, we believe in the importance of giving back and investing into the communities that have supported us for so long.

“No Application Left Behind” Program:

Job seekers may opt to take advantage of our “No Application Left Behind” program, which takes into account a wide array of barriers to employment and/or job-seeking difficulties that a candidate may be experiencing. These barriers may range from substance abuse, to poor or no job history, to a lack of skills, to a criminal background, to a lack of child care and even transportation and housing issues.

Go Ye has established a referral partner network to connect job seekers to resources helping them overcome potential barriers to employment while increasing their chances of not only securing employment, but retaining employment. This is an optional program that candidates must willingly and freely choose to opt-in to. It is our goal not to be just another wasted application on the job trail.

Job Search / Resume Creation Assistance Program:

Recently, Go Ye has partnered with venues around Western Arkansas to begin a series of Resume Assistance and Job Search Assistance programs. These are free classes taught by staff of Go Ye Employment Services. This program goes further than simply attempting to match job seekers to job openings; it is our goal to help interested job seekers educate themselves on resources that are available to them in their job searching and career pursuits. To add even more value to these programs, we have invited other area employers to come to these sessions and talk more in-depth about job openings they have available as well as what their organization looks for in candidates. Including more than one hiring manager at these training events will prove useful in providing job seekers with a well-rounded view of job seeking tips.

Transitional Job Program:

The team of Go Ye Employment Services recognized the need for a transitional job program in our community and we made it one of our goals of 2018 to work with organizations in the City of Fort Smith to bring one into existence. Our CEO, Miles Crawford, was inspired by organizations who were performing the same, important social work he believed in and wanted to discover how Go Ye could successfully replicate the same programs. He was inspired so much that he traveled to Los Angeles in March of 2018 to visit with many of those non-profit organizations who are actively involved in numerous reentry staffing efforts, with their services ranging from the provision of life coaches and career readiness services, to skills training and professional development, to actual work opportunities through innovative partnerships that allowed for transitional work period. He noticed that the transitional work opportunities were the missing piece in many reentry efforts and were paramount to successfully integrate disenfranchised candidates; these programs helped bridge the gap from training to the sustained employment. Transitional job programs allow workers to earn an income that they begin to rely on, it helps to lessen the dependence on the welfare services that they previously relied on, it provides workers with access to a safe, supportive environment that gives them the opportunity to develop the necessary soft skills and emotional intelligence that prove to be the indispensable foundation for continued success within the workforce. Transitional job programs are just that – transitional. They are not intended to be a permanent job for the candidates in the program, rather a resource that provides access to an extended period of job training and personal development, which is why temporary employment opportunities can be a great fit. After candidates have completed a period of work through the program (often six months or longer), the staffing firm now has a candidates they have invested into that shapes a worker they can place with their clients with little risk or concern. We realized Go Ye Employment Services is inherently structured to be the perfect facilitator for these work programs and, with the right investment, we simultaneously benefit from the development of an ancillary labor pool we can draw from to fulfill our client workforce demands.

In September of 2018, Go Ye Employment Services, in partnership with the Riverview Hope Campus and the City of Fort Smith, launched a collaborative transitional job program in western Arkansas that provides access to earned income, work experience, personal and professional development for those who need it most.



(Pictured, left to right: Kyle Parker, Fort Smith Department of Sanitation. Carl Geffken, Fort Smith City Administrator. Justin Boyd, Arkansas State Representative. Mathew Pitsch, Arkansas State Senator. Mayor George McGill, City of Fort Smith. Chris Joannides, Executive Director, Riverview Hope Campus. Miles Crawford, CEO, Go Ye Employment Services. Jay Richardson, Arkansas State Representative. Jeff Dingman, Deputy City Administrator of Fort Smith.)